A few pictures of my recent projects using Rozetti Marina netting. This fibre is so fun to use, and the projects are very quickly knit together. Who doesn’t like a little frill and flounce made in these beautiful colors? They’re screaming spring and summer to me because they’re so lightweight and vibrant. I’ve made several and will sell them at area craft and trunk shows.

Rozetti Marina in Opal

Rozetti Marina in Pink Pearl

Rozetti Marina in Spectrum

Below you will see the first crochet project I’ve completed that wasn’t…well…square. It may be “hip to be square,” but it can get pretty boring. The pattern for this lovely cowl was shared with me by Ann R. Thanks, Ann! I ordered the gorgeous hand-hewn button from Tina H.’s Artfire shop Beadcomber. She even sent me an extra button because she wasn’t sure if the color was just right. Thanks, Tina! I used one 90-yard skein of Malabrigo Rasta in Arco Iris from The Fibre Studio and finished it in about 3 hours. What fun!

A Memorial Walk

When I was a teenager, my mum once told me, …’as you get older, time flies by because you will have more anniversaries; and there will be less time between each anniversary’… As said teenager, I really didn’t have a clue. It’s a little different now. There are a lot of anniversaries to acknowledge; some are good, some are more bittersweet. Spring brings memories of Jacob and Mom and David. The colors of spring are vibrant, and the air is fresh. Sometimes the memories which come are faded, but still pleasurable. As I took a walk in the Oratory garden on what would have been Jacob’s birthday, I thought of the pleasures and pains of being a mother, daughter, significant other, and remembered.

These photos are of some of the lovely plantings in the Oratory’s garden; I applied a dreamy filter to the photos because that’s how my memories felt that day. Do you ever take a walk down memory lane where the heart aches a bit and the breath hitches, but the trip is so pleasurable, you take it again and again?

This Purse, A First

A big thank you to my friend Robin who gifted me the fibre, which I used for this…my first purse project. Her gift also included needles and a pattern book. I used the purse pattern in that book as the basis for this purse, however, I modified it slightly in size, finished edges, and a few details.

I haven’t yet attached my chain chord to the purse, but when I do, it’s going to be a cute and fun little object of which I can be proud. Yayyy for purses!

Mushroom Cities

After the recent spate of rain and warm weather and in the dark, rich loamie ground, I found the appearance of fungus among us. Many of these little mushrooms resembled miniature cities; our faierie friends would approve. The top of one of the larger ‘shrooms had this lovely rosette pattern. Do you ever imagine how big these tiny plants would appear to be to some of the insect creatures around us. To an ant, they would appear like skyscrapers!

Jury Duty = Creative Down Time

Yesterday, I had jury duty. Probably many of you groaned when you read that statement. I groaned when I got the summons. I groaned even louder when I awoke and realized at 2:11am I was to report for jury duty THAT morning; yes, I’d gotten my days mixed up.

Needless to say, my morning did not start off smoothly. After waking up dazed and confused, I couldn’t fall back asleep. Around 5:30am I waved the white flag and sluggishly alighted from my soft, warm bed. I packed my purse with fibre and crochet hook, an as yet unread book, and the jury summons. I took a hot shower, styled my hair, and sat at the table, head in hand, waiting for coffee to finish when I never even put the water on to boil. Did I say I was tired?

Later, after “reporting for duty,” I took out my wallet and bought a large coffee and a bottle of water from the vending machines. My water got stuck in the machine, and–unbeknownst to me–I’d pulled my crochet hook out with the wallet and lost it. Ack, a little dark cloud (such as the one surrounding Charlie Brown’s friend Pig Pen) was following me.

All was not lost, however. The goodness of human nature shined through. A very nice gentleman manhandled the vending machine, and my bottled water dropped down the little chute. Another juror accidentally kicked my crochet hook, bent over to inspect the small, red, metallic object, and turned it in to the front desk, where I recovered it 30 minutes later. I finished my coffee, my water, my book, and my scarf that day while listening to the television droning on in the background. That day I also made two new business contacts, actually got a man interested in trying crochet (he completed an entire row on my scarf), and had my faith in humanity restored. Not bad for jury duty day, eh?

While the scarf isn’t particulary ornate, it does have an interesting pattern of double crochet stitches combined creatively to form chevrons. Both the right and wrong sides (as shown) of the scarf are equally beautiful. I used two skeins (150 yards each) of the fibre, which is Manos del Uruguay (Hands of Uruguay) 30% Silk/70% Merino in Color 3106.

Happy V-Day Everyone!

A little Valentine that I made for you all! I hope your day is filled with light, laughter, and love!